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Damon Hydro Engineering Co. is founded in 2008 (registered in Tehran under registration No. 336071) after years of experience in HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) and Precise Tools (Measuring, Control & Monitoring).

This firm works in the field of Oil and Gas (onshore and offshore) with an entirely engineering approach as consultant, designer, supplier and executor of detection and gas monitoring systems, fire alarm systems (F&G), personal protective equipment (PPE), airline systems, portable and fixed gas analyzers, as well as supplying 

high precision tools including various types of valve, pressure gauge, pressure switch, pressure transmitter, flow switch, and different types of temperature sensor and programmable controllers up to 8 channels. thermocouple, thermowell, ultrasonic and radar level-meter and so on.

Benefitting from local expertise and also the latest technology of the world through contacts with advanced and leading global corporations, this firm tries to take a step forward in growth and excellence of the country along with carrying out useful and effective projects